Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Laundry Organization In An Afternoon

BEFORE...gotta love wood paneling!
I got so lucky this week. I had a full day where not only did I not have to work , my little one was also hanging out with his Grandma April and Grandpa Ronnie! This could only mean one thing.... PINTEREST PROJECT! At first I was going to tackle the Capiz shell chandelier but after further contemplation I decided I had better do another 21 day challenge from A bowl full of lemons. I really want this house organized by the time Dax is walking. So I decided to tackle the laundry room challenge. I wanted to paint the area but with the little one around it had never seemed like a good idea even with low VOC paint so today was PERFECT. 

First I cleaned ou the space and got rid of all the stuff I wasn't using. Then I covered the washer and dryer (because reality is I'm not a professional painter...I'm a messy painter) and slapped up a coat of primer. While the primer dried I ran out to Dollar General and alco looking for cheap ways to hide the laundry if necessary and all the laundry supplies. When I got back I slapped on a good coat of paint!

After that I tackled the behind the washer and dryer shelf I found here. Two cheapo brackets and a piece of wood from the garage. Cut to length and install. Easy peasy. 

Then I got all crazy and creative... I found a unused picture frame in the basement and made a cute sign out of letters like I found on this post. 

Time to refill the space with all the things I don't think I can live without...ok and some pretty stuff you can see in the next picture.

When I was at dollar general I picked up a shower curtain set for like $8. Why not curtains and a curtain rod you ask?? I wanted to make sure I didn't cover up in any way the smoke detector! We have a fire place in that room and I didn't want to take any chances. I also got three baskets for $2.50 each on clearance.

TADA! I put our changes jars over the washer and added my reed diffuser and a cute candle holder I got from Party Lite! All done and pretty cute if I do say so myself! 

I like how the messy stuff is hidden on the left behind the curtain and the rest is in the little baskets! Another project bites the dust and all for around $20...

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