Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Ghost from Solar Lights!

Normally I'd apologize for being away for so long but the reality is raising two little people under the age of three while working is a handful to say the least, so I won't and I'll just get on with the post.

Halloween has started to sneak up on us and since Dax-man is starting to not only understand the holidays but also enjoy them we have been doing some fun crafts. Wednesday we made some awesome candy corn magnets for the fridge and yesterday (while little Fi was napping) Dax-man and I make some ghoulish ghosts for the front yard from some broken down solar lights.

We started by rounding up all the solar lights we could find. Sadly these little guys have seen
better days. 

Then I cut up an old white sheet in to 18" x 18" squares. I'm sure you could use white hankerchief's as well but I already had the sheet in hand.

Next we draped the square over the top of the solar light evenly.

This way they can still hang on the shepherd's
I cut a small hole to let the ring for the light
slip through the square. 

The we gathered the square around the bottom of the light. and tied it with some string. 

Next Dax helped me draw on the ghost faces!
He was super excited when we finished.

Finally we put them back on the shepherds hooks!

Turned out pretty ghoulish if you ask me!!

It was so fun making these with Dax-man! He got more and more excited everytime we finished one and calls the little ghosts his buddy-friends. This craft was a little out of his league but he was able to "help" by placing his little hands on top of mine while I made the cuts and drew on the eyes. It was also a great lesson for learing to tie things... like shoes. I love making crafts with my little man!

These can also be done on regular solar lights that just push in the ground. Just skip the step where I cut a hole for the ring. Happy Halloween and stop pinning and start doing!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

15 Minute Pinterest Projects

The reality is like a lot of you I just don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done. This includes many of the big pinterest projects I have yet to complete on my board. But on occasion I do have 15 minutes here and there where I try to do something that will make my life easier or just down right beautiful. So without further ado here are a few of my 15 minute pinterest projects I have been able to create.

Shadow Box Fi's keepsakes. Ok maybe the pregnancy tests
went to far... but it was the only pop quiz I ever aced...

Create a "key"board. 

Make my clothes pins pretty!

Make a Wi-fi sign for the guest room.

...with 2 hangers and some shower hooks.

Replace this many hangers...

Create a command center!
Pretty good for a lazy crafter! Some of these like the command center are invaluable. Others like the clothes pins just took something that drove me nuts visually and made them pretty. So stop pinning and start doing!