Monday, August 13, 2012

Traveling Dog Food Bowl

I've been wanting to blog about this for a while not only because its from a great client of mine but because it really works and has probably saved our poor dog Lucy from starving to death while she is at work with Justin! Over the years we have tried a lot of different traveling dog food bowls. Most of them are made to fold up and be packed away which poses two problems. One, Justin packs them away and forgets to get them out and has to carry a bag of dog food or a jug of water with him to fill them up and two since they are made of the very same material most of Lucy's dog toys are made out of once they are empty she sees them as a pretty fun chew toy...Not so good. 

Last year out of the blue I was contacted by John McMurphy of K-9 Enterprises. He wanted his website redone for his Traveling Canteen, a virtually leak proof, spill proof, indestructible, traveling, take anywhere dog & pet water and food bowl. As we spoke on the phone I was all about rebuilding the website but had to laugh to myself about the above described bowl. I had read so many similar descriptions about traveling dog food bowls only to find they were directly to the contrary. I explored the existing site and for the first time I thought he just might be right...

The Traveling Canteen is a portable all-in-one dog food and water bowl. Not only can you bring enough food and water for a get-away, but your pet can eat and drink from it as well. The dog food bowl holds .5 gallon of food with a screw-in sealed lid, which means that dirt and dust won't blow into your dogs food.
The water portion holds up to 2.5 gallons of water with it's own screw-in leak proof lid. Open the water side and leave the lid on the food if it's not time for your dog to eat yet. Openings are 7" wide to accomodate even the largest of breeds which was great for our Great Dane Boe! The unique design allows the water to also flow around the food bowl, keeping it cool and fresh. 

So problem One solved the food and the water stay in the dog food bowl so Justin doesn't have to carry bag of dog food or jugs of water but would this really stand up to problem two?

Lucy is notorious for chewing up ANYTHING!! We can't keep enough chew toys on hand for her. John assured me this particular dog food bowl could be run over by a truck and not break... Yea right I thought so I asked him to put it to the test for the website. So we shot the following video...

I thought for sure thought the lids would be shot once we finished but lo and behold they screwed right back on! I bought one that day. Justin carries it in his truck and fills it up once a week for Lucy. She has tried to chew the handle to no avail and this thing has taken a serious beating going to work on construction sites. We also take it camping with us! 

You can read more about it and buy one online at! Trust me you'll never have to buy one again! The best part is they are Made in the USA and I am all about supporting small businesses!