Thursday, July 5, 2012

Laundry Organization Rack

So yesterday I got to redo my laundry room so of course today when I wanted to use it I came into our master bedroom to find this.... UGH..

I really wanted to try this project and remembered my mom and dad had some of that shelving. We used it in our bedroom as kids because it allowed us to rearrange often without much hassle. But I sadly realized I couldn't do this either because my laundry basket collection looks like this... YIKES!!! At $7 a piece I couldn't afford to replace these either! 

Oh but saving grace! I did happen to have 6 empty totes hanging out in the basement! WOOHOO! These would work better anyway cause I only do laundry every two weeks so I have bigger loads! So I picked up the brackets from my mom's grabbed some clear note card protectors from Basically Business and gathered up the totes!

I started by making some cute little signs on my computer and putting them inside the note card protectors. 

Then I gathered supplies and started hanging brackets!

Use an automatic pencil to mark deep  set spaces!
Don't forget to use mollies! Don't want them to fall!

I hung my bins and added my little signs and finally had a pretty cute final project! Now if I can only get my husband to use it... Anyone have any tips for that???

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