Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lazy Susan and Wipe Box Get New Life!

So life is getting a little hectic lately and I really haven't been able to accomplish any of the big Pinterest projects I would have liked to but I was able to get two little things done this week! 

Lazy Susan in the Refrigerator

I saw this post about something you had to buy but the reality is its just a lazy susan and I just happened to have one my sister gave me that I had yet to figure out a use for. The truth is every time I could have used it I forgot cause it was stuck in the back of a that would work great!!! My husband and I are condiment addicts. From the standard ketchup and mustard to the crazies hot sauces we've pretty much got everything so my condiments always overflow from here....

So in goes the lazy susan and corrals the rest of the stray condiments! Yea! I really liked that the lazy susan is clear so it doesn't take up much visual space and with no lip my hubby is more likely to put it back on there!

Wipe Box is Plastic Bag Storage

As a new mommy I have Wipes containers EVERYWHERE! I always feel bad about throwing them out but the reality is I only need one wipe container in the living room and one wipe container in the nursery. Of course turned to pinterest for an answer but didn't find anything that really fit my fancy...but I did see this post for my Clorox wipe bottle. I got everything ready and started rolling up the bags...but 20 mins later as I was still rolling bags I realized that this was probably a big fat waste of my time. Who was I kidding I would never ever do this again. As I got up from the living room floor I bumped the changing table and the answer literally hit me in the head! The empty wipes container! OF COURSE! I gathered up the empty one I had and simply stuffed all the bags into it. Now if only I could get back the 20 mins of my life I spent trying to roll up plastic bags just so... 
Its not all pretty yet but I'm sure I'll hit it with some plastic bond spray paint at some point. Maybe that will be my first update post! But for now it opened up the entire bottom self in my pantry...enough that I could now get my back up stock of formula and my new mixer courtesy of my Auntie Tina in there! YEA! 

YIKES...looking at this picture my cabinet could use a fresh coat of paint and maybe some pretty contact paper. And yes I couldn't just get rid of my Clorox wipes container... I just shoved the plastic bags in there like i did in the wipe container. Because the reality is time with my son is more important than rolling up plastic bags. 

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