Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knife block when you don't have a Circut

I thought this was a great way to pass an hour or so while my little guy sleeps and I'm waiting on client feedback! I don't have the time to wait or a way to get a circut letter ... So here we go!

 I grabbed my supplies and sat down in front of the TV. I started by painting my base a grey that is similar to our couch.

I printed our last name letter on the computer, cut it out and colored the back side with white chalk. Then I taped it onto the front of the knife block.

Then I traced the letter and you get what you see at the right! Pretty neat! So I was off and painting by hand using a tiny little brush!

Here is the painting done!

The final product...

I have two knife blocks because we live in steak country and we do love a steak so I repeated the whole process for the other one. 

My new Knife Blocks!

I may decided to add a coat of acrylic high gloss poly but I kind of like how they look now!

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