Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Twist on the Old Diaper Cake

So there must be something in the water in our little town because just about every single friend I know is having or has recently had a baby! I was constantly going to baby showers including my own! I love seeing the traditional diaper cake show up but after being inspired by this little diddy I wanted to give it a shot!

So here is my first attempt at the diaper cradle! Not to shabby if I do say so myself! You can read on my pin what I used. It was a lot easier than I really thought it would be! I gave this one as a gift to my friend Telena who is currently on bed rest awaiting her little one any day!!!

So this one got me thinking I really like these but felt like I was copping out a little. So when I got my invitation to my friend Nikki's shower I knew I wanted to do something similar but wanted to include my "can't live withouts" as a new mommy! So I decided to do a twist on a diaper cake yet again!

I started with a "media" basket that I got at target its a little longer than a traditional basket. This is important! It leaves room for my "can't live withouts"! I then filled the backend with rolled up diapers. (forgive me I got so excited I forgot to photograph this part) I covered the top with a pillow case folded in half and tied it with ribbon.

I then got my stash of "can't live withouts" I picked up at target. (I am very partial of the munchkin brand. They have some pretty useful stuff!) Then it was off and packing. 

So the finished product! Pretty cute and I didn't feel like I copped out with just a package of diapers and some blankets! I think next I wanna try a "covered wagon" one....

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