Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holy Cow Here We GO!

So just like everyone else I'm addicted to pinterest...I know I know what a follower! So I wanted a place to share the realities of my own home organization and projects I've tried to complete. So off we go into the wild blue yonder!

Project 1

Problem: My lower kitchen cabinet that holds all my pans cookie sheets ect. is a royal fat mess....

Of course I went straight to Pinterest to find a solution! I found several sites that showed beautiful designer kitchens with drawers specifically designed for this type of thing but who are we kidding the odds of me being able to complete a task like that are slim to none. I liked the idea of this post from Better Homes and Gardens using tension rods. I really liked the option of being able to customize the width of the slots for each pan but as you can see I have the dreaded....short shelf in the back of my cabinet. It holds our disposable dinner ware for cook outs (because the reality is I don't do dishes well). I also have a kitchen the size of a peanut... seriously...its only 10' by 7'... and the cabinets, appliances, and sink take up most of that space! I have to use every little nook and cranny to keep what I need in the kitchen!

So one of the points of my blog is to use what you have... if I had money to buy baskets and bins for everything my house would look like a magazine cover too! So I went looking... and found this little guy in my old office supplies I don't use anymore.

PERFECTION! Its an old file holder I don't use. The little metal dividers can be moved to fit. You can find these at pretty much any office supply place or find one online. I got mine at Basically Business in Wray, CO! (Love you Aunt Cinder) I don't remember what it cost but right now to me its a free easy solution!

Now is the point where I start to sweat bullets... will it even fit in the cabinet??? Dear God Please let it fit in the cabinet!!!

WOOHOO! If that wasn't the perfect solution I don't know what would have been. The metal dividers are shorter than the dreaded half shelf and I have about 1/2" on each side to spare!

I decided the disposable dinner ware needed to be corralled cause I always end up dumping the silverware everywhere when trying to get it out. So I went looking for something to help with that and found two dollar store bins in the basement that I was going to garage sale.

Now I was off and organizing! I moved the little metal dividers where I needed them and packed the bins!

Solution: Here is the final product! I am so excited! I still had to nest some of my baking pans but at least I wouldn't be worried about breaking my stoneware and glass pan any more!

I even have some room to spare which I'm sure I will quickly fill up. It will be so nice to not have an avalanche of pans every time I cook! Hope this helps you those of you with the dreaded short shelves!

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