Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Record Christmas

Oh Lord...Christmas is 5 days away and I am still wrapping gifts and trying to get my #%&* together for this year... I've been putting off one particular gift for my sister-in-law's boyfriend for waaaaay to long. You see for the Oestman family Christmas we do a name draw and I got Skeeter. No Problem... Usually... Somewhere in my late pregnancy nesting phase I agreed that we should make our gifts for each other this year. The reality is I would be at the mercy of a new born when I would actually have to find the time to do this... yep... hormones are a &%*($.

In a haze of sleep deprivation I turned to Pinterest for idea's because I couldn't think of any on my own. What I didn't realize is that it would be way more difficult to find a gift to make for a early twenties guy than I thought. Luckily I ran across this blog post that showed how to make some pretty cool bowls out of vinyl records. I knew we has some old albums we didn't want and it didn't look to incredibly hard or time consuming so I went to work. 

I started by gathering my materials. One oven safe bowl, some old albums (approved by Justin to melt), some PAM (butter flavor cause I don't have anything else) and my Ov-Gloves (I love these stupid things! Seriously if you don't have them).

I followed the blog instructions and set my oven to 275 degrees. I did however add one step. I sprayed the bowl with the pam so if I pushed down on the album it wouldn't get stuck to the sides.  I placed the record on the bowl and popped it into my amazingly beautiful oven... seen at left. I left them in for 3 mins.

When it came out it looked pretty good. I pushed it into the bottom of the bowl to make sure it would have a nice flat surface to sit on. I let them sit until I could move it around the bowl without the vinyl bending.

My finished product turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself. I can't wait to give it to him tomorrow! 

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