Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kids Storage for $7!

So of course reality set in and I realized I have NO TIME for blogging or for organizing most day's but since we have been blessed with a second little one on the way I've been having to make time to "organize". The reality is we have to get Dax moved from the nursery to his big boy room upstairs.

Friends and family have been so gracious in giving us most of the larger items like the toddler bed but what we were lacking was storage for toys. As any mother will tell you toys multiply faster than rabbits so we needed something. Dax's toys have already out-grown his cute "Garden Baskets of Fun!" in my other post three fold!

What I really needed something REALLY inexpensive and that could grow if needed. So I hit Pinterest and found this post that used buckets and simple zip-ties!

 I couldn't find any buckets but I did find these little beauties for a whopping $1.00 per basket at our local dollar store. I just couldn't beat that. I decided to start with 6 of them based on laying them out in the middle of the aisle to check for size.

I started by laying the base three baskets next to each other on their sides and lining up the interior slats so I could attach the zip-ties. I zip-tied at the top and at the bottom.

I then added the second layer of baskets. I over hung the lips on the baskets to hold them in place and lined up the interior slats both left to right and top to bottom. Then I zip-tied top layer to bottom layer and left basket to right basket. The top basket was a bit more challenging as I had to hold and zip-tie it into place.
This took an entirety of I'd say 10 mins at the most and I had a pretty cute way of storing my kiddo's things for much much much less than I had imagined. I may end up adding some "drawer liner" to the interiors of some of the so they will hold small items but for now they are just holding Dax's ever expanding stuffed animal collection. So copy, share, and enjoy!

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